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Dr Sun Yat-sen Commemorated by Local Chinese Communities

On 11th March 2011, Chinese Association of Fiji,Fiji Council of Promotion for China's Peaceful Reunification and Chinese Education Society of Fiji together with the Chinese Embassy held a solemn ceremony at Fiji Yat-sen School to commemorate the 86th Anniversary of the passing away of Dr.Sun Yat-sen. H.E. Dr. HAN Zhiqiang, Ambassador of People's Republic of China to Fiji, Mr. Dixon Seeto, President of Chinese Association of Fiji, Mr. YUAN Bingtang, President of Fiji Council of Promotion for China's Peaceful Reunification and student representative from Yat-sen School delivered speeches during the ceremony.

In his speech, Ambassador HAN praised Dr. Sun Yat-sen as a great patriot and China's forerunner of the democratic revolution. SUN Yat-sen Spirit, featured by "Rejuvenation of China", inspired generations of the Chinese people to pursue national unity, independence and democracy. Today, with China's world-acclaimed achievements and an entirely new look, the Chinese people still value it high as a historic mission to realize peaceful reunification of the motherland and accomplish national rejuvenation. It is firmly believed that with the inputs of all Chinese around the world, the blueprinted by Dr Sun Yet-sen the Rejuvenation of China will be realized.

Wreaths were laid before the statue of Mr. SUN Yat-sen in Fiji Yat-sen School.

Dr. SUN Yat-sen(November 1866 – March 1925) was a great forerunner of Chinese democratic revolution, an outstanding patriot and national hero. He founded Tongmenghui (Chinese Revolutionary League), and put forward his political theory of the Three Principles of the People, namely Nationalism, Democracy, and People's Livelihood. Dr. SUN Yat-sen devoteded his life to the independence and national rejuvenation of China.

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