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Thoughts of Bilateral 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between China and Fiji

I was strolling slowly by the sea, shaded by coconut palm in the mist, as if there were a rainbow hanging over the sky, partly hidden and partly visible. I just seemed to hear the familiar melody "friendship forever..." in my ears. This is Fiji, which is the easternmost and westernmost country in the world. The rainbow in the sky links Fiji with my home country tightly.

It is a remarkable day of November 5th,1975, because our great motherland established diplomatic relations formally with Fiji on this day. Since then, bilateral relations between the two countries opened up a new chapter.

Time flies, forty years has passed. Now it is in 2015, the two countries have developed friendship although they are far apart.

Year 2015 is a special year---- this year is the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. It is not only 160th anniversary of the Chinese people’s first arrival in Fiji, but also the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Fiji. It is also in this year, I had a chance to be assigned to this beautiful country as a Chinese teacher. From the moment on this land, then I know that I will gain different experiences...

In Yat-Sen School, I teach Grade Eight advanced, Grade Seven learners and Grade One. Because these students' native language is English, it is very difficult for them to learn Chinese. Apart from teaching, I need to face some special students.

There is one or two special ducks in each group of ducks. There are also one or two rascals in every class. Shortly after taking the class, I noticed a little girl with curly hair in Grade One. She couldn’t remain seated in the class, and turned her back on me. Other students always complained about her alomost every day. Her Chinese was poor. I had to call her name constantly when I was teaching, to remind her to listen to me carefully. I realized her particularity, and chatted with her during the recess. I talked about the games with her at first, when the atmosphere was relaxing, I started to ask what she liked to learn. Her answer was nothing. I asked, “why?” To my surprise, she answered, "because I'm a bad kid." I finally understood why she did this. I immediately and firmly said: "No, you are a good girl, in fact, you can learn every subject well." I saw her face, as if pieces of dark clouds scattered, her eyes lit up gradually... Next day, she was totally different. She not only listened to me attentively but also raised her hand when I asked questions. “Hasten to strike while the iron is hot.” I praised her, and rewarded her with stickers. Now, she is one of the best students in the class. After class, she rushed to me, hugged me, saying "I love you". Moreover, in the final exam a few days ago, she got 100 points. Sometimes life is so wonderful, a few words can change a person.

With a sincere heart, I always remember my duty. I would like to spare no efforts to sow the seeds of Chinese. Wish flowers of friendship bloom all over Fiji.

Yat Sen School  Fang Yu

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