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Seeking Dream in Fiji

In 2014, after the test and training held by Hanban (a public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education), I was dispatched as a Chinese language teacher to Fiji, the south Pacific island country. It has been my responsibility and my dream to spread Chinese knowledge and culture. Since the moment I set foot on the beautiful land of Fiji, my trip of dream starts. Yatsen school where I work is a local Chinese school, which has a large proportion of Chinese progeny, as well as some local students. Chinese children learn Chinese in order to seek roots, and local students are full of infinite yearning for ancient civilizations. No matter for what reason, I have felt deep trust and heavy responsibility. In class, facing the longing eyes, I do my best in various ways to impart my knowledge to the children. Small games and characters cards are conventional contents in class, and the item that students are most interested in is indeed to learn Chinese songs. At the completion of the teaching task and with my talent, I have taught the class children three Chinese songs already. They are so passionate about Chinese songs that they would sing one song many times repeatedly. They ask me every day, "Ms. Wang, shall we learn a new Chinese song today?" That shows the Fijian children’s love for Chinese. With the transfer of knowledge, the emotions between students and I have been deepened step by step. From someday on, a little girl students runs up and hugs me almost every day after my class, saying, "Thank you Ms. Wang, Goodbye Ms. Wang." Whenever this little girl is in my arms, I feel full of happiness.

China and Fiji, located in the north and south hemispheres, have culture and knowledge which are relatively independent with respective characteristics and mutually inclusive. As a representative of the national image of assigned teachers, we should have excellent professional knowledge and our own strong points in order to facilitate the promotion of Chinese culture. I have learnt, using my spare time, to play a Chinese folk instrument - zither. Just due to this little talent, I had a precious opportunity to have close contact with the Prime Minister of Fiji.

It was on an occasion of celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year in 2015 shortly after my arrival in Fiji. I played a piece of zither music "flies in the Red Scarf" on the gala show and won a tide of applause from the guests present. I returned to the backstage excitedly when I heard a gentle voice asking me “ What is this instrument called?” I then looked up and was surprised to find the gentleman was no other than H.E. Bainimaram, Prime Minister of Fiji. Prime Minister showed great interest in zither and asked many questions about it. We took a picture together after a pleasing talk. That is an unforgettable memory. I never expected that Prime Minister would be keen to Chinese culture and that evoked my heartfelt respect for him.



I feel proud to be a Chinese language teacher and will persist seeking my dream of spreading Chinese language and culture just as a Chinese poet says, "To where the green grass is more verdant."

Chinese Government Nominated Teacher   Wang Jingrong
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