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Instructions on Notarization and Authentication

I.                  If you have to use a legal documentation in China, you may come to apply for notarization or authentication. You have to present your passport and its photocopy, a completed application form and the  document you are applying for legalized.


II.              Applications for notarization are only accepted for Chinese citizens.  Chinese citizens are required to come to the Embassy personally to apply for their documents notarized.


If you could not be present, you must follow the procedures of authentication as listed below. In addition to your documents, you must also enclose photocopies of your passport and "Permit to Enter and Reside" issued by the Fiji Immigration Department.


III.          Applicants for authentication must follow the procedures below. Before submitting a legal document to the Chinese Embassy for authentication, you must have the document notarized by a local Notary Public and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Fiji.


IV.           Fees (Unit: FJ$) (4 working days for regular processing)





40 per document


80 per document


80 per document

                         Rush service fee (in addition to regular processing fees):

Same day release


60 per document


2nd or 3rd working day release


40 per document

             All fees are non-refundable

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