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The Ninth China International (Beijing) Garden Expo


On May 18, Beijing welcomed the Ninth China International (Beijing) Garden Expo`s opening, another chance to showcase its attractions to the world.

From the Garden of Eden to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon,gardens have long played a beautiful and mysterious role in human civilization and in conveying human feelings. In fact, the Chinese have a long and respected gardening history, which, as one of the world`s three gardening systems, ranks with those of West Asia and Europe, playing an important role in the development and evolution of horticulture worldwide.

In the 20th century, as Beijing continues its quest to become an influential international metropolis, high-level gardening and landscaping both provide avenues for constructive engagement involving Beijing and its counterparts worldwide.

The Ninth China International (Beijing) Garden Expo, a top event among worldwide garden expos, opened along the Yongding River in Fengtai District in May. The Expo, featuring dozens of international gardens and 47 Chinese regional gardens, will continue for half a year. It is a living textbook for Beijing residents and visitors to learn much more about horticulture, while enjoying an excellent venue for entertainment and leisure.

The Beijing Garden Expo is miraculous in several ways. The present Garden Expo Park was once a landfill. Via ecological restoration,garden designers have transformed it into a green miracle.

Visitors who like museums will be pleased with the Museum of Chinese Gardens` services and amenities, China`s first national-level garden-themed museum.

The Beijing Garden Expo is a three-dimensional display of Beijing`s attractions and cultural life. Visitors from around the world will leave the Garden Expo Park refreshed, invigorated and much more aware of the importance of gardens in our lives.

Welcome to the Garden Expo! Welcome to beautiful Beijing!

For more information, please log on http://en.expo2013.net/gradenexpo/index.html

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