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Chinese Embassy spokesperson criticizes Australian media reports regarding the Black Rock Camp project

The spokesperson said the recent reports by Australian media “The Australian” concerning the Black Rock Camp were irresponsible, inconducive to regional peace and stability, and China-Australian relations.

The spokesperson said that, as the two major troops-contributing countries, China and Fiji’s cooperation on peacekeeping issues is perfectly logical and reasonable. China has always been upholding justice and pursuing shared interests and adhering to the principles of sincerity, real results, affinity and good faith to enhance solidarity and cooperation with Pacific island countries, and has never intervened with the domestic affairs of other countries. China’s cooperation with island countries, including military-to-military cooperation, is genuine and carried out under the framework of South-South Cooperation, and aims to assist the island countries to achieve peace, stability and prosperity while not targeting any third party.

The spokesperson calls on relevant Australian media and certain people to discard “Cold War” mentality, “zero-sum-game mindset” and stereotyped views, to take an objective approach towards China’s relations with island countries, and to contribute positively to the development of island countries as well as regional peace and stability.

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